Sunday, 30 March 2008

Today has been my very last day in Cardiff. It was a lovely sunny Spring day, so we went for a walk at Cefn Onn park to see all the flowers and the trees in blossom.

It was very pretty, but a bit muddy. Megan and Archie got filthy, and so did Rhidian's mummy, because she had to carry his buggy through a huge muddy puddle. It was worth it, though, to see all the lovely pink trees.

When we came home, we had a lovely big dinner, and now I'm getting ready to leave. I've had a big goodbye cuddle with Rhidian and said bye-bye to all my new friends - Megan and Archie, Iggle Piggle and Rhidian's special bear Sunday. Tomorrow morning I'll be off on the next stage of my adventure, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Lots of love,

Scarlett xxx

Hello again! I've been a very busy bear these last few days. On Friday I went for a lovely long walk with Rhidian and Megan and Archie. We went to a place called Llantrisant Forest and then climbed right up to the top of a very steep hill. wales has got a lot of those. I've only got very little legs, so I'd probably still be climbing if Rhidian hadn't given me a lift in his buggy. I was riding high!!

It was very windy when we got to the top. I had to hang onto this wall for dear life or I'd have been blown right across the valley!! It was worth it, though - what a view.

We found this amazing carving in a rock in the middle of nowhere. It was huge! 'Cariad' is Welsh for 'Love'. I liked this rock - it was a good place for a little bear to have big thoughts about what this journey's all about.

I didn't go out yesterday because I got a bit muddy clambering around on the rocks and Rhidian's mummy had to wash my t-shirt, so I was a nakey bear all day! She did suggest washing me too, but I didn't fancy a spin in the washing machine so I hid in her bag all day.

We had a lovely day today, but I'll tell you all about that in another post,

Lots of love,

Scarlett xxx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Hello again! I can show you exactly where I was yesterday - look!

We went to St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life, which is like no other museum in the whole world. For a start, it's outside, so there's lots of room to run about. Plus the exhibits are actual real-life buildings that have been moved here from all over Wales to show you what life was like at different times. Imagine that - moving an entire house or a church or even a school across the country brick by brick and rebuilding it exactly as it was, inside and out. The first thing we saw was called a varda - a proper old-fashioned gypsy caravan. It had the most amazing painted decorations.

This building is a Celtic roundhouse, and it's what yo uwould have lived in if you'd been in wales about 2,000 years ago. It was made out of mud and straw with a hole in the roof

I went inside and there was a big fireplace in the middle. So that's what the hole was for - to let out all the smoke! I don't think I'd have liked to live in a roundhouse. It was a bit dark and smelly and there were no windows.

This is the next oldest house at St Fagan's and it's from Tudor times, about 550 years ago. This lady was playing the flute outside. Her costume was beautiful.

This farmhouse is 500 years old. I love the curved front door. The walls are made of very thick stone, but it must have been cold in the winter because there was no glass in the windows! There was a huge log fireplace inside, though.

I liked this house best. It's a 200 year old farmhouse and it's scarlet!!

And that was my day at St. Fagan's!

Bye for now,
Lots of love,
Scarlett xxxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My day at the Bay

Hello again. I've had another busy day today. I've been to Cardiff Bay and it was very exciting! First we saw these amazing bronze statues of two people and a Great Dane.

I thought they were what we'd come to see and I even sat on the bronze lady's lap, but then we walked round the corner and.....

TORCHWOOD TOWER!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Look how tall it is. Look how shiny! They even put the waterfall on especially for me.

We waited around for ages in case Captain Jack came up through a secret hatch in the pavement, but he didn't, so we went to explore the rest of the Bay. This cool building is called the Millenium Centre. It looks like a giant armadillo.

We were walking around it when we suddenly heard a scary noise....'Exterminate! Exterminate!'

You can probably see me shaking in the picture. I was scared! But it was OK because The Doctor and Rose arrived just in time to save me :)

And that was my exciting day at Cardiff Bay!

Lots of love,

Scarlett xxx

Monday, 24 March 2008

Thursday 6th March - I worked too hard!

Oh that was a busy morning at work, I don't feel too well, I am a bit hot! I have to lie down and then one of the nurses comes to check me over, as I am off on my travels again later today, I am going to crufts and I need to make sure I am fit!

The nice nurse lady listens to my heart and chest and says that she thinks I should have a rest until I feel better.

I should not walk anywhere while I feel a little bit poorly, so another one of the nice nurses brings a special chair for me and takes me somewhere quiet to rest.


Oh here is the nice nurse lady, she has a quick listen to my heart and chest again, and she says I am fully rested and healthy enough to carry on the next stage of my journey - Crufts here I come, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday 6th March - My morning at work!

Oh it is an exciting day today, I get to go to work with Ben and Joe's Mum, she works in a very big hospital! First I get to make a few phone calls........... "Hello Lucy! It is me, I am having a lovely time..............."
Then I fancy a hot drink, hmmmm let me see, latte I think!

It is time to count the money, wow I never seen so much money ever ever ever, there is a few thousand here!

Oh and this is how the money comes in, Oh I worked one of these before in Mrs Beverdee's shop, I know how to do it, can I have a shot please, can I can I?? Hello, next customer please!

Next we have a rep coming in to sell soft toys, I have no idea where these toys are, BUT he did bring a suitcase full of all my old friends to see me, how kind of him. Hi guys, how are you all? can I get anybody a coffee?

Monday 3rd March - my snowy day!

I heard that scotland was a cold place, but I had no idea until I woke up in the morning and looked out and saw this - SNOW!!! Woooohooooo!

Oh I am so excited and want to rush straight out, but no, I have to get wrapped up first, I have to stay warm. So after I get dressed off I go - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh look, I made a snow bear!

29th February - afternoon

I am going on an outing with Ben's little brother Joe, we have no idea where we are going, but we know it must be exciting! I am stapped into my seat - safety first!

Ooooooh we are here - it looks big - I.K.E.A? oh IKEA, I think I heard about this place.

Oh after the journey in the car I am so tired, but look!!! I find a bed the perfect size for me, aaaaah 40 winks.

Joe wakes me cos look what he found - my cousins!

There are millions and millions of boxes here, I have no idea what's in them, still they are good for hide and seek!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter, everyone!

I've been out and about in Wales today. I hitched a ride with Rhidian and he let me snuggle up in his rainbow blanket because it was freeeeeeeeeezing cold! Here I am with my new friend Debra the Zebra:

We took Megan and Archie for a run at a really cool place called Tinkinswood in the Vale of Glamorgan. It's a stone age burial chamber and it is OLD - I mean really old. Older than Sue! It's six thousand years old, in fact, and that makes it even older than Stonehenge. It's really big, too. The huge stone on the top weighs forty tons and is the biggest capstone in the whole of Britain. Amazing! Can you see me sitting on the side of the mound?

Here's a close-up of me in case you can't.

Anyway, I must go. I've got to help Rhidian to eat his Easter Egg.

Lots of love,

Scarlett xxx

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hello from Wales!

Sut mae?! That means 'How are you?' in Welsh. Here I am in a very cold and windy Cardiff. I came all the way to Wales especially to see a special little boy called Rhidian on his first birthday. We had a lovely party. There were balloons and lots of lovely food.

I helped Rhidian to blow out the candle on his cake.

I wasn't the only celebrity guest at the party: Iggle Piggle was there too, and he was very excited about meeting me.

I'm staying in Cardiff over Easter and Rhidian and I are going to have some adventures. We might even find a real Welsh dragon! Watch out for more news from Wales soon,
Lots of love,
Scarlett xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

29th February

I land in Scotland and I am very very excited, because when I arrive I realise that there is a very special boy looking after me this week - Lucy's friend Ben. He has promised me all kinds of excitement.