Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Scarlett has arrived in Poole

I have arrived in Poole I am going to be living with an artists so look out for my masterpieces

Sunday, 27 March 2011

26th March 2011

Today, we went out for a "posh" afternoon tea to celebrate with some friends of my host. As it was posh we dressed up :)

We went in a Limo - this one was all pink inside, and was apparently a "stretch Hummer"

Here I am with some of the food, there were sandwiches too, but i prefered the top layers lol

Just thought i'd pose with one of the Table decorations :)

Here is me having a sip of champagne - I'm only a small bear after all :)

There was more after this, we went back in the limo to a pub and had choclate cake yummm

22nd March

Here is me at yet another 40th Birthday (i get invited to lots of these!!)

Friday, 18 March 2011

17th March 2011 - St Patricks Day

I went out tonight, my current host had been invited to a "leaving do" for a friend who is leaving the area and returning "home". As it was St Patricks Day we had to wear green. Here's me at my place wearing the dress made for me.We had Poppadoms for Starters. They were yum....

It was a buffet style curry place, ie help yourself to what you want. This is what I had

Very nice it was too.
Also, had a drink (well I wasnt driving)
Next, well that was a new experience for me. We played a game, they called it the "malteaser game". You had to "pick up" the malteser using only a straw, and pass it onto the next person same way. It was amusing, here's my go

Unfortunatly, the only person who actually managed to "pick up" the malteser was this lady

The game soon degenerated into "blow football" where each side of the table were blowing maltesers with the straws and seeing if they could get it off the other side lol.
We ended with desert
tooo many to choose from!
It was a really enjoyable night.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th March 2011

Today we got up, and went to "church". Its a lovely friendly place, and different to a lot of other churches i've heard about, its very informal. It was http://www.lighthousechurchhawkinge.co.uk/ here.

I met the vicar, very nice chap he is too.
They let me play the piano.
I was also allowed to help with the laptop, they use this to put the words onto the big screen so that the lovely people know what to sing.

12th March 2011

Well, its been a long time since i updated here, sorry about that. Anyway I arrived with my current host family yesterday and got reaquainted with the family (I've stayed with them before).
Today we went shopping - they let me drive

We went shoe shopping, I tried some shoes on.
We then went back "home". Wonder what i'll do next