Sunday, 27 January 2008

A Teddy Bear Party!

January 15, 2008

Today I went with my carer to Optimax for an eye appointment evaluation for lasik. She wanted to take pictures of me getting my eyes tested too but they were really busy that day and so there wasn't time to take any photos. I had lots of fun though seeing all the pretty lights for each test. When we left she was wearing sunglasses because they made her eyes go all funny. I giggled at her. We then went on the underground to her work for a few hours.

After work we came back to her flat. She went into her bedroom for a minute and I decided to follow. I came around the corner and saw two very large furry boots in front of me. All I could think of was all the teddy bears that were used in making those boots! I got so scared I fainted! My carer saw me and tells me that she quickly came over and picked me up. When I awoke, I was in her hands and she told me everything was OK. I asked about all those poor little teddy bears. She giggled and said not to worry, they were not made of teddy bears but were made of goat hair. I felt better but decided I better be on my best behaviour. I wonder what that goat did to become boots. ooo. Yep I will be a good bear, yep I will.

I think my carer felt bad about me being scared and so she decided it would be a good idea if I met some other teddy bears and so we had a play date that afternoon. I met several bears and the bestest part was the bearpile we made on my carers bed.

January 18, 2008

On my last night there, I got to sleep on Molly for a while. She told me that she would miss me very much and hoped I had a lot of fun at my next carers house.

I had so much fun in London. Stay tuned to more of my adventures at my next place I visit!!!
January 12 & 13

Over the weekend I got to go to IKEA but my carer forgot her camera. Silly human! So I don't have any pictures of my visit there. I did try out many of the beds and played with some of the cat toys in the pet section of the store. I was really knackered after that journey to Lakeside. I fell asleep in the car.

When we got home from IKEA, I climbed into one of my carer's slippers to go to sleep.

My carer found me and said that a slipper was not a place for a bear to sleep and put me in a bed that she made for me.

Good Night Everyone!

My Tour Around London

January 11, 2008

After work, we went to Barnes Station to get a train to Westminster. I thought it might be helpful to get a train map but my carer said that was the wrong direction. We were not going to the tennis matches in Wimbledon because they were in Southwest London. Instead we were going East on the train from Barnes. Oops. At least I was trying to be helpful.

When the train arrived, she let me press the button to open the door.

We sat in First Class and stayed on the train until we reached Vauxhall Station. I liked the tables on the train because I can sit there and stare out the winow.

Then we transfered to bus 77 to go see some sights around where my carer lives. We walked along the Thames on Embankment and then I sat on the wall to take a picture of myself with Big Ben, the clock on Parliament.

It was really neat to see all the boats go by too. I am glad I had my hat and my scarf on today because it was really, really cold and windy. When we reached Westminster Bridge I saw this really neat open top bus. I begged and begged to ride on it, but my carer said it was not a good day to be on that bus. It was too cold and it looked like it might rain anytime now. We had to see the area quickly before I got all wet.

We then walked across the bridge to get a closer view of Big Ben and my carer took a picture of the London Eye with me in it. She told me that I'd have to come back when it was sunny, and then we could go on the London Eye. Cloudy days make for a horrid view apparently. I didn't mind so much as there was so much to see already!

After that it started to rain and I was getting hungry and so my carer took me home where Molly was waiting to snuggle with me too.

Going To Work

January 10, 2008

This morning I had to get up very early. I am not a morning person. Apparently neither is my carer. Molly was very keen on getting up though. I wish I was more perky like she is. Before we left, my carer gave me a hat and a scarf to wear because it was tooooo cold outside, even for bears!

Then, when we got to the office she gave me a tour. I got to meet a pink pig and he even let me ride him! Wowsers. That was so much fun.

Yeeeehawwwww! Ride the Piggy!!!

Then it was time for her to get some work done. I got to press buttons on the remote control and navigate through the browser.

After four hours we got to go back home on the bus and the train. I was rather knackered and thought I best take a little nap. It was a fun day though :) That afternoon we were planning on going out and take a tour around London but it was really chucking it, so we stayed in and watched a movie called Brother Bear. I liked it a lot. :)

Scarlette Bear Goes To London

January 9, 2008

Hi Everyone! I've arrived in London for the week to stay with yorkie.mum & Molly from Dogpages. Someone brown and furry couldnt wait to see me. I think she was rather excited. So was I!!

Tomorrow I get to go to work with my carer. That should be loads of fun :)