Thursday, 13 December 2007

Scarlett Visits Chez Doyle

Hello everyone! This is Scarlett speaking

I have arrived at a place called Chez Doyle (land of the Doyle Dogs). Chewz Doyle is in the very exotic location of.....Oldham, which is near Manchester, UK. It's cold here, innit?

I've not actually had the pleasure of meeting the Doyle Dogs yet because I have been rather busy.

Today, I went with Carer Lady to the British Red Cross Shop, where I was the Assistant Bear for the morning. This Red Cross place is where Carer Lady goes to volunteer, every Thursday morning. I was very helpful indeed during my time there.
This is me (a bit bleached by the camera but pretend you didn't notice) helping to operate the till

I also helped this customer choose a greeting card

And I spent some quality time just chatting to the customers and other stuffed animals

Then, this afternoon, I went on a visit to an even more exciting place called Bears at Home! It was the most marvellous place! All bears should go at least once in their lifetime!! When we first got there, I helped to select some food for a dog called Darcy.

This is me perusing the Darcy Food Selection and pointing to what I felt she would like best

After that bit of excitement, I went off to see if they had any frozen food for this Darcy Dog but a terrible thing happened. I fell into the freezer and got stuck inside!

This is me, highly stuck

Oh it was terrible. I got frost bite in places bears shouldn't know of. But I was rescued by Carer Lady and to take my mind off my trauma, Carer Lady let me try on a dress in the fashion department

This is me in the dress

I didn't buy it because it wasn't really my colour and I felt that it was a bit small on me. But it was nice to have tried it on.

To get back at Carer Lady for her allowing me to become trapped in a freezer, I ran away and hid from her. I hid in a very clever place. I bet you can't seeeee meeeeee...

I emerged from hiding after a few moments and I was overcome with tiredness after my very exciting day, so before we left Bears at Home, I made the most of my surroundings and had a bit of a Bear Nap in a bed that I came across. You will of course notice that I was roaching - as all good bears should.

There will be another update from me here at Chez Doyle, before I move onto my next location after the weekend.

Scarlett Bear

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Meeting the pack!

Well, here I am meeting Angela's hounds Georgie and Tyler and Greyhound Gap foster, Ruby the Greyhound!

This is me with Tyler

And with Georgie

And with Ruby. I'm not sure what I did to Ruby but she was quite scared of me and no sooner had Angela taken this photograph than she got up and ran away!

I'm a bit young to remember but today is a very important day and I had my own special poppy to wear. The 11th November is the day when everyone stops to remember those who lost their lives fighting in wars for their countries. Angela told me that even though I don't remember, it's very important that young people know what sacrifices where made for us. It was very moving watching the Remembrance Service and I shall keep my poppy as a reminder.

We've had a quiet few days but tomorrow we're going back to work and hopefully we'll meet those long lost cousins of mine!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Back in Blighty!

Well here I am back in the UK after hotfooting it back from Florida. It was very exciting going on holiday, but quite tiring for a little bear, so I'm hoping for a bit of a quieter week!

I've arrived in Wimbledon to spend some time with Angela, who you might know better as Aoj, Greyhound Gap's Treasurer.

I met Angela at her office and my first day was quite busy. I had ride on one of these:

Then Angela took me into the stable yard and I was allowed to go for a ride on one of the horses. This is Voltaire and he is BIG!! He apparently measures 17.2hh which means he is more than 17 times bigger than me! That's quite scary for a little bear but I'm a brave bear and didn't mind, even though you can hardly see me sitting in the saddle!

Then I met another BIG horse. This one is called Alfie and he's being ridden by Guy, one of the eepers on Wimbledon Common.

The Keepers rides round the Commons all day making sure everyone is safe so I was quite happy with him. Guy has promised to look out for some very famous residents of Wimbledon Common so I can meet them. I don't know who they are but apparently they are sort of bears too....long lost cousins perhaps. They are very secretive though and don't come out very often so I hope they get to hear that I'm here and come out to meet me.

We're off home to meet Angela's partner Gerry and her hounds Georgie and Tyler and foster greyhound, Ruby. I have to be very careful around these three because they like me lots, too much in fact so Angela is making sure I live well out of their reach!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Magic Kingdom & MNSSHP

Saturday October 27th 2007

Today we went to The Magic Kingdom where I met Minnie Mouse again, she had a lovely dress on this time and was so pretty.
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I then got to meet Mickey Mouse, he was so much fun and was playing with us for quite a while.
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Finally I got to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming.
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Sunday October 28th 2007
Tonight was the night of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Nicki dressed me up in a pumpkin outfit, Lizzie went as Tinkerbell, Nicki as Peter Pan, Alan as a pirate and Jack a mad scientist. I had a fantastic time and got 6 bags of candy!

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We were out really late and didn’t get home until after 12 o’clock!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Shamu! Shamu!

Thursday October 25th 2007

Today I went to Universal Islands of Adventure. Most of the rides were too scary for me, but I did get to go this ride
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It was great fun, Nicki and Lizzie got squirted by water jets!

Lizzie and I tried the harness for a rollercoaster called Duelling Dragons, I am so pleased that we were both too small!
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Friday October 26th 2007

Today we went to SeaWorld to see all the fish, dolphins and killer whales.
I loved watching all the shows that they had and got to meet lots of fish friends. I never knew that Rays and Dolphins were so friendly.
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We had a special dinner date today at 4pm. Nicki had booked to take us to Dine with Shamu. After eating lots of great food, a big Shamu came into the pool beside us. I have never seen anything so big in my life and he made some massive splashes!

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After we had dinner we went to see the polar bears. It was nice to see some bear cousins. Nicki took a picture of me next to the bear statues, I felt really small next to them.
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I got to meet a real mermaid too, she was very pretty and gave us lots of sweeties to take home.
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Friday, 26 October 2007

A Beary Special Day

Wednesday October 24th 2007

When I woke up today Lizzie told me that we were going shopping.
We got to this big shopping centre called The Florida Mall and went in search of a shop called Build-A- Bear. It shop was very big and filled with all kinds of lovely bear clothes and lots of bears to wear them. On closer inspection, I could see that all of the bears were a little under stuffed, in fact they were just skin!!!!! This was turning out to be a horror story. Lizzie chose a pink fluffy bear and then had to take it to the stuffing machine, where this lady (she looked so kind) put a tube in the bears back and pumped white stuffing in. I just squeezed my eyes tight and am so glad it wasn’t me! Then Lizzie chose a heart, made a wish and the ‘nice’ lady sewed up the bear. The lady told me that there is information inside the bear that enables him to be sent back to any Build-A-Bear shop and they can re-unite him with his owner. A bit like micro chipping for Teddy Bears, what a great idea. Lizzie fluffed up the new bears fur under an air-shower and then she had to complete and adoption process.

We sat down at a computer to fill in the new bears details and give new bear a name.
You’ll never guess what she called new bear?...............................LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so happy I cried, and so did Nicki.
So now I had a special Teddy friend to play with and remind me of my Lucy back home.

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After buying some clothes for Lucy and an outfit for me, we left the shops and went to Animal Kingdom.

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where Nicki and Lizzie took me on a rollercoaster called Expedition Everest. It was scary, but great fun too!

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After we left Animal Kingdom, we went off to a new hotel. Nicki said we were staying there that night as Jack (Lizzie’s Brother) and Alan were going off to get scared at a Halloween Party. I played with my friends while Lizzie and Nicki went swimming.

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and then we all went for a walk around the hotel and took lots of photos….

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Did you see the size of that puppy????

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lobster and Rockets

Monday October 22nd 2007

I had a day relaxing today in the Villa with Flopsy while all the others went to a water-park. Nicki said It would be safer for me at the villa as she didn’t know if I could swim.

In the evening we all went to a place called Boston Lobster Feast. The lobster was as big as me!!!!!

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Tuesday October 23rd 2007

Today I went to Kennedy Space Centre to watch a shuttle launch.

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It was very exciting and we couldn’t wait to get there. We found a great spot to watch from and I sat down to read the guide-map with Lizzie while we waited for the launch.

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Launch time came and we all counted down from 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….. and then I saw this amazing bright light in the sky, then heard the most amazing roar as the sound of the engines caught up with us.

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It was all over in a few seconds, but was awesome to see. Nicki says there are people in the shuttle going off to space, I think they must be crazy, you’d never get me in one of them shuttle things!

We had a look around the rocket garden before coming back to the villa for a much needed bearnap.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Blue Jelly Day

Sunday October 21st 2007

I woke up very early today. 4.30am American time, which would be 9.30am UK time.
We drove to a hotel called The Beach Club for breakfast, I had a huge bowl of fruit and shared Mickey Mouse shaped waffles with Lizzie. I got very sticky paws from all the maple syrup on the waffles. I’ve never had them before and they were very tasty!

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Suddenly this HUGE mouse appeared, I hid behind Lizzie until she promised that I’d be safe. It was Minnie Mouse and she was lovely.

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Then Minnie’s friend Goofy came to see me, he was dressed in a swimming suit and life jacket – a very funny choice out clothes to go to breakfast in, funnily enough I never saw them eat anything!

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Lizzie as holding me so tight that her finger slipped and poked me right in the eye! That stung a bit and she was really worried that she’d hurt me, but it was just an accident and I soon felt ok.

After breakfast we went to EPCOT and had fun on lots of rides. I posed for a photo outside one of the rides called The Living Seas with Nemo.

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We all started to get tired so left and headed back to our villa to have a break and get ready for dinner. When we were ready and got back in the car, Lizzie was worried that I wasn’t safe in a big seat all on my own

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So she made me a special seat that I travelled in every day.

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I ate lots of vegetables at the restaurant and then Nicki (Lizzie’s mum) said that I could have dessert. I have never seen such amazing coloured jelly in my life! I just had to choose a bit of each colour

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After all that food we were so tired, so went home to bed, ready for another exciting day tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Flying to DisneyWorld

Saturday 20th October 2007

Today I started a new adventure. I still miss Lucy, but was excited to meet my new friends.
We drove to this place called an airport, I sat with a very nice rabbit called Flopsy and Lizzie who gave me lots of cuddles.

I had to travel through a machine, Lizzie told me not to be scared, but it was quite frightening for a small bear! I wanted some pictures, but Lizzie told me that we were not allowed to take any there and we had to wait until we had got on this thing called a plane.

Lizzie made sure I was strapped in and off we went. Wow! We went so fast and then I felt like I was floating! It sure was exciting! Lizzie and me watched some films and played some games until at last we back on the ground in America.

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