Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hi to all my fans!

I've landed in a little village near Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland to spend my jollyhollybags with Murphy, Fi and family. The weather has been pretty good so far with some lovely summery days and just a little rain to keep the weeds healthy.

The little girl, Leah, just thinks I'm fab but she had to go away this weekend to cub camp - I told her it would be perfect for me to go too, having been a cub personally, but apparently cub camp is a dodgy place to be for pretty little girly bears!

Never mind, I will stay home with Murphy and Fi and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

I just heard Fi say that there's a news story on the net about a shop in Lanark that is selling Buckfast Cheesecake. Might see if there's any coming my way. Maybe.

The Daddy will be home soon and will help the stoopid mummy to upload photo's.