Wednesday, 22 July 2015

One holiday over and another soon to begin

Well, that was a lovely few days in Sherwood Forest!  I do like Centerparcs, all those trees, the lake, getting away from traffic, great.  Thank you Julia.

I'm spending a couple of days in Cheshire now, getting my wardrobe in order for my next expedition.  I have a nice high shelf for now, to keep well away from those very norty lurchers!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

Getting a little tired!

September 6th 2013 - Day 6 Trefonen to Llandegla 24 miles

The weather began to close in and waterproofs came out! and we got lost!

Tonight we stayed in an Eco pod
I had very little room to unpack my things and had to sleep a tad to close to the boys!

7th September 2013 -  Day 7 Llandegla to Bodfari 17.5 miles 

 We spent the day trying to keep ahead of the dark rain clouds so walked at a hard fast pace. Got our first sightings of the sea in the distance.

 A village fete day with lots of scarecrows

8th September 2013  - Day 8 the final day! 15 miles to Prestatyn.

Our final day!

Just a short hop skip and a jump to Prestatyn today.
We started off with a late breakfast as we had plenty of time to walk 8 miles to a village called Rhuallt and meet up with Lisa the founder of greyhound Gap. Lisa and a few other brave gappers then joined us to walk  the final 8.5 miles with the boys.

 almost there
The official end of Offa's Dyke walk on the beach at Prestatyn

 Walking the beat boys, Steve, Ned with Lisa and Marc Founder of walking the beat

 Lots of lovely people from greyhound gap and their hounds came to meet us

 and as we left the beach a beautiful rainbow, maybe all the bridge babies showing their support

I have had the most exciting adventure with the boys, walked 188 miles and help them reach their target of £2,600 towards greyhound gaps kennel fund!

So now I have to make a quick dash to york and then get ready to fly to Australia on the 15th September, what exciting times.

Lots of love from Scarlett Bear xxx

Friday, 6 September 2013

All rather exciting!

Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles

 3rd September 2013
 Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles
The day started well with an organic breakfast of fruit and yogurt and freshly baked muffins.
At one moment in the afternoon we got lost as signposts had been ripped out and the book with the route got very complicated. Marc decided to drop down to a road they could see and found a farmer who said pretty much everyone this year had got lost at that point. He then fetched them ice cold drinks which were gratefully received

Although only climbing to 1400 feet today the ascent was pretty much all day until the last mile or so went they descended down into Knigton. The backs of their calves were burning from the climbing and feet were also suffering. Luckily for me I sat in the ruscksack and enjoyed the views.

One bright point of the day was spotting 2 pairs of red kites!

Marc said to sum today up was TOUGH! although I am feeling quite fresh.

Day 4 Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

Another blisteringly hot day with yet more steep inclines, at one point so bad that if they had tried to stand still they started to slip backwards! We were all pleased to see the half way point earlier in the day as from that point on they can say they're on the home leg LOL.


Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

5th September 2013 - Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

Best day yet and I even came out of the rucksack today! walking in much cooler temperatures, further assisted by the flattest terrain of the walk. Followed the dyke for much of the morning (although King Offa really needs to have a word with his soldiers as its fallen into ruins in places!!)
Picturesque scenery and a good speed kept us all  in good spirits
Ned got carried away during lunch time and went for a swim in the river (which turned a very mysterious colour! & apparently it was freezing, luckily for him he didn't get caught out by the strong current as neither Steve Marc or me  had any intention of going in)
A few climbs in the afternoon were easily overcome, never venturing over 1350ft
The weather turned cooler towards Trefonen and as we arrived the wind ripped up & it has just started to rain.

We will brave ourselves for whatever comes our way tomorrow! Good job Marc's Mum packed me some waterproofs!
Today I ate my healthy lunch in the shade by a river, was a bit hard to motivate the boys to get going after that! I had to remind them I need to catch an aeroplane to Australia next week.



Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Offa's Dyke 180 miles with the boys!

On Saturday we left Ipswich to travel to Chepstow in readiness to start walking bright and early the next day.

Day 1 Chepstow to Llangattock 32 miles

A lovely lady from greyhound gap called Laura King kindly collected us from our B & B and with her gap hound Marley who was really  rather handsome took us to our starting point.

A very very long tiring day, not helped by being chasing by some mad bulls intent on causing grevious bodily harm to the boys.

Some beautiful scenery and finally a delicious home made roast awaited us at the pub at 9.40pm some 12 plus hours since breakfast! The lovely people at the B & B provided a hearty breakfast and a jolly good packed lunch and once again we were off on day 2.

Day 2 Llangattock to Hay on Wye 20 miles

Our 20-mile route became 22 due to diversions beyond our control.....
It was lovely  walking along ridge of the black mountains & beautiful views back to Pandy & onto Hays Bluff at 2300ft which we eventually reached having ascended mostly gradually but sometimes quite steeply for 11 miles.

Parts of the ridge resembled the moon!quite scary for a little bear.

The cooling breeze became a torrent of wind above 2000ft @ the sun could be felt burning as it was whipped into our faces, Marc decided it would be best to tuck me back into his rucksafe with the threat of pain still ringing in his ears from his Mum should I become damaged.

The ridge was also home to wild horses & ponies that were very placid.

  • The view to the black mountains

The final 4 miles descended into Hay on Wye and we arrived at B&B only 12 minutes behind our original plan.

Upon taking off our walking boots steam was clearly visible!! But made more bearable by the delicious pot of tea and scones that we waiting for us in our room which I have to say was rather yummy! The boys are starting to show signs of wear and tear but I am fighting fit.

Officially 52 miles completedplus a few extras.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Scarlett Bear meets the walking the beat boys

 Walking the beat boys with the Taylor pack.

Scarlett Bear is very excited to be off on her next adventure! she has joined the walkingthebeat boys who are raising money for greyhound gaps kennel fund.

In 2011 they walked Englands coast to coast and last year they tackled Scotland.

This year they are walking from south to North Wales doing the Offa's Dyke walk, 180 miles in 7.5 days.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A huge thank you to every one of you who have hosted my travels! I love my expeditions and have met so many wonderful people and shared so many special occasions, thank you all. I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and wish you the very best for 2012.

I had a lovely time, fully kitted out in my Mother Christmas outfit. My outfit was Haute Couture none the less (designed and made by my Auntie Susie) who took me on her travels to Washington earlier in the year.

Didn't I look fabulous?!!

Here I am exploring the present pile

Checking out my stocking

Chatting up my new friend, Mr Mini-LindtBear. (What every girl-bear wishes to find in her stocking!)

And eyeing up the pudding (I didn't eat it all - honest!!)

Merry Christmas to you all!

If you would like me to visit you in 2012, please click here for details.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My next Hollibob

I'm on my way to sunny Spain! Yey!

Wait for meeeeeeee Miss Vanessa! I'm on my way!

Our last day in Washington

I went to NIH to meet another very charming bear

while Auntie Susie had a meeting with Dr Marston Linehan. That's him in the white coat, I dunno who the other guy is...

Just Chillin'

I spent the rest of the afternoon chillin'

and swimmin'

and er, more chillin'

then back to the hotel for a quiet night in.