Thursday, 13 December 2007

Scarlett Visits Chez Doyle

Hello everyone! This is Scarlett speaking

I have arrived at a place called Chez Doyle (land of the Doyle Dogs). Chewz Doyle is in the very exotic location of.....Oldham, which is near Manchester, UK. It's cold here, innit?

I've not actually had the pleasure of meeting the Doyle Dogs yet because I have been rather busy.

Today, I went with Carer Lady to the British Red Cross Shop, where I was the Assistant Bear for the morning. This Red Cross place is where Carer Lady goes to volunteer, every Thursday morning. I was very helpful indeed during my time there.
This is me (a bit bleached by the camera but pretend you didn't notice) helping to operate the till

I also helped this customer choose a greeting card

And I spent some quality time just chatting to the customers and other stuffed animals

Then, this afternoon, I went on a visit to an even more exciting place called Bears at Home! It was the most marvellous place! All bears should go at least once in their lifetime!! When we first got there, I helped to select some food for a dog called Darcy.

This is me perusing the Darcy Food Selection and pointing to what I felt she would like best

After that bit of excitement, I went off to see if they had any frozen food for this Darcy Dog but a terrible thing happened. I fell into the freezer and got stuck inside!

This is me, highly stuck

Oh it was terrible. I got frost bite in places bears shouldn't know of. But I was rescued by Carer Lady and to take my mind off my trauma, Carer Lady let me try on a dress in the fashion department

This is me in the dress

I didn't buy it because it wasn't really my colour and I felt that it was a bit small on me. But it was nice to have tried it on.

To get back at Carer Lady for her allowing me to become trapped in a freezer, I ran away and hid from her. I hid in a very clever place. I bet you can't seeeee meeeeee...

I emerged from hiding after a few moments and I was overcome with tiredness after my very exciting day, so before we left Bears at Home, I made the most of my surroundings and had a bit of a Bear Nap in a bed that I came across. You will of course notice that I was roaching - as all good bears should.

There will be another update from me here at Chez Doyle, before I move onto my next location after the weekend.

Scarlett Bear