Monday, 18 August 2008

26th July 2008

I arrived at Lyn's house in Essex and said hello to Leo the dog

I stayed with my friends Mickey and Minnie whilst I was there

On Monday I went and helped Lyn working at the pub

I met Salsa the pub dog there

I helped Lyn with Henry the Hoover

Tuesday night we went to a pub quiz. We won.

The next day I went with Lyn to the office. Here I am on the reception desk.

4th August and we went to Hertford to meet Trish. She came to stay all the way from Leicester. Her we are with the bus driver. A very nice man.

On the Wednesday we went to another quiz. We won one part of it.

Trish and Lyn took me out shopping and bought me lots of new clothes. I am so excited. I like the kilt best.

7th August, Lyn's birthday, we went out for a meal with some of her friends. We met a very nice waitress called Emma

Cheers! Happy birthday, Lyn

Then the big day arrived. It was Lyn's 60th birthday party. Trish and Lyn and bought me a special party dress. I think I look the bees knees.

At the party, I made friends with a little doggy. We spent all the evening together.
This is me with Lyn and Trish at the party

This is me at the party with Hayley and Alyson. Trish is in the background. It was a really good party and everyone had a good time.

The next morning, Lyn, Trish, Alyson and I went to a big market. We tried not to spend lots of money.

On Sunday 10th August, we went to a super dooper Dog Show. It was very windy. We had a little tent to shelter in. It also kept us dry when there was a sudden shower.

This is me with Leo the dog and all the rosettes he won at the dog show. Isn't he a clever boy.

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Lyn and Leo. I am going to Leicester to stay with Trish, Tony, Asa and Callie the dog for a while. I don't know what adventures I will get up to there, but I'm sure I will have fun.

Bye, bye for now.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fly fishing at Bovey Castle

This is the first time I've been fly fishing. It was good fun but really hard!

Bovey Castle was amazing - you can just see it in the background. We're going back to Southampton tomorrow so I will get to see Lucy again. I'm really missing her now!

The wedding day!

I met lots more of Mrs Greenfield's friends today. This is Sophie. She's a teacher too and her children in Plymouth might start following my holidays soon!
I had a picture with Joe all dressed up! I even had my own veil to wear for the wedding.
This was the bride and groom - Ness and Dan. I think Dan was a bit worried about his speech!

Feeling good!

I'm feeling on top of the world!

Today we went to Wonwell Beach in Devon. The tide was right out and the sun was shining!

My trip to Devon - meeting new friends!

This is Joe. He was very excited when I met him because his mummy was getting married the next day!
I made lots of new friends.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Onward travels

We are now back in Locks Heath. I was going to go back to Lucy today but Anna has run out of time and we are going to Devon for the weekend. I'm quite enjoying myself so I hope Lucy doesn't mind. I think I'll phone her to check when my next holiday is! If I can go to Devon though I'll meet Anna's family including her dog Devon and we are going to a wedding. Update you all soon! I hope all those children from 4AG are having a good holiday and are keeping up with my travels!

The return journey!

Before we left we had a fancy dress party. I got given a bow! You should have seen the others - there was a ladybird, bumble bee, cleopatra, a clown, a prisoner and lots of others.
Here I am crossing the 'Pont de Normandie' - The bridge of Normandy crosses the River Seine. You could look for it on a map of France. It's quite near Le Harve.

Horse riding again!

I'm getting really good at horse riding now. This pony was a little bit bigger than the Shetland I rode last week.

This was my favourite ride!

Sarah let me sit on her lap so I could get a good view. Wow it was fast!
I decided not to go with the boys - they were too crazy!

A day at the 'Ange Michel' park

This was my best day! Sarah took me on lots of rides!
I played on slides which were too small for most of the adults but not for me!
Molly and I rode on a camel.
Then we went on another ride. I was quite terrified when Molly got excited and started hanging me over the side. Luckily she didn't drop me!
Some rides I could even go on by myself!

Evening entertainment!

We played board games like Articulate. We also had a table tennis competition, played volley ball, went on a midnight boar hunt and played hide and seek in the dark! You wouldn't have thought my carers were all older than 30! They did loads of things I like!
Molly let me use her chair at night when she was in bed.

The food and drink is great!

We have been eating and drinking lots of wine and cheese.

Pool Day!

On the first day we just relaxed in the pool and sunbathed! The aeroplane was my favourite toy!

I also liked the rubber ring! Our Gite is in St James on the border of Normandy and Brittany.

The journey to France!

We went on a Ferry from Dover to Calais. I went in a car with Anna (Mrs Greenfield), Sarah, Julie and Imogen. They looked after me really well and we had fun.
It was a long drive down through France.
They even let me drive!