Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Very Bon Voyage

Where I've been I wasn't able to update my blog everyday so I'll have to let you all know what I've been up to all in one go :-)

Phew what a busy bear I have been! I arrived to stay with Emma and Alan and they seemed to be doing an awful lot of rushing about and putting clothes in cases. Then I got excited when I realised I was going on holiday with them. I was a bit curious when they said they hoped I had good sea legs.

We went for a long journey in the car and arrived in Southampton, which was very nice but a strange place to go on holiday. Emma said I should get a good night's sleep in the hotel as tomorrow would be very exciting.

Woke up quite early this morning and then came to a big building full of lots of people. I was given this cardand had to wait until the letter was called out. Then we walked down a long bendy tunnel and I found myself on an enormous ship.

The rooms here are called cabins and the beds are very comfy
the sun beds are lovely tooApparently we are going to the Canary Islands. I don't think I've been there before but it sounds nice.

When Emma asked if I fancied a Hurricane I said I didn't think that was a very good idea on a ship. Then she gave me this drink. Hic!
Ahh this is the life.

Well I never – there I was in the cabin having a little snooze while Emma and Alan were out and in comes this man and puts me up here
The cheek of it. Emma and Alan seemed to find it very amusing and said something about a cabin steward.

Today we got off the ship for the first time in a place called Madeira. It was raining a lot but I stayed nice and dry in Emma's bag. We went to a place where wicker things are made and I found this reindeer, which I thought was very clever.
We're in La Palma today and the sun is shining. It is very pretty. Here I am singing along with the local band.All that singing was thirsty work so I had a delicious pineapple juice. Yum!23.10.10
Another new place today – Gran Canaria. Blimey it's hot! I had a lie on the beach at Maspalomas (with sun screen of course)
Goooooood mooooorning Tenerife. Another hot day. I think I may be getting a tan. We had a lovely day at Puerto de la Cruz.
The ship is at sea today so I decided to have a rest – I need it after all the excitement of the past few days.

Today we sailed into Lisbon. It was touch and go getting under that bridge but we made it. We went on a trip to Cascais and Sintra, which were both very pretty. Here I am in Sintra
I was left on the ship today as Emma and Alan were going to a spa and didn't want me to get wet. They seemed very quiet and sleepy when they got back.

It is the last day of the cruise today so we had to pack everything away.
I am sad to be leaving the ship but I've had a lovely time.

Thank you for a smashing holiday, Emma and Alan. I've enjoyed my life on the ocean wave but now it's time for my next adventure...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Holiday Time!

I have been staying with Ali and Graeme with Lucy, Meg and Murphy. We've been off to the Yorkshire Dales! It was a bit chilly so I had to wrap up warm. I was told that it was colder than normal - we even had a couple of snow showers on our walks.

When we arrived at the cottage I made friends with the bear who lives in the garden. he props the door open... and was just a bit handsome!

I helped plan the walks. I would spread out the Ordnance Survey maps, consult the weather forecast, check my compass and plan our route. We only got lost once.

Sometimes we walked high up on the moors and sometimes by rivers. We saw lots of birds, many were nesting so I was very lucky that none of them tried to pull out my fur for nest material! There was lots of ducklings on the rivers, very cute - but not as cute as me of course!

We did a stretch of the Pennine Way and also wandered along the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

My little legs are very tired from all that walking. We are home again now and I have been helping in the garden this weekend. I need to get my washing done as I'll soon be thinking of packing my bags to head off on my next adventure!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

3rd April 2010

Went to the kennels to help walk the Greyhound Gap dogs.

2nd April 2010

Met a friend and went to 'Star Wars in Concert'

28th March 2010

Yet another birthday celebration!

27th March 2010

Here's me at Craigs' 40th Birthday meal.

23rd March 2010

This is me on the way to the theatre to see 'Les Miserables'.

Monday, 22 March 2010

i found a new friend

I was helped up looking at the views, but i found a new friend to travel with, she did not say much, all i know she came from Tweedsplace and she travels with her new family, the views amazing, i hope i can come back next year,

look at the views

I had a fab time looking at the views in Mid Wales at Hafod estate on one of many walks we did, the weather was excellent for March, i was lucky, i got carried around, Alfie and Bonnie was playing, Lucy and Pip just chilled out in the sun,

Monday, 8 March 2010

I have been a good bear and went to church on Sunday to prey that all gaps homeless hounds find their forever homes and the pooly hounds get better, love Scarlett.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Scarlett becomes a midwife & Valentines Day

Hello fellow Gappers,

just thought i'd update you all on what i've been up to for the last couple of weeks and phew what a couple of weeks its been!! I went to stay with George and her OH Subbo and looks like i got there in the nick of time! It seems that they had a little baby on the way and needless to say i was glad to offer my services. Here are a few piccies of the happy event, once i'd finished with the towels and boiling water.

Here I am showing George how to get on all fours bear-style on a bean bag

Blimey, this gas and air are a bit of alright!! Apparantly George wanted them back though

Ha ha, and there she is looking very attractive - note the epidural (although she reckons that didnt help too much) wonder what shes listening to on her i-pod? dont think she'll thank me for this photo actually!

Time for a quick family shot between contractions

Hurray!! After lots of screaming and words i cant repeat on here little baby Tom is born. Here he is, not even 10 minutes old

Ooh what a lucky bear i am - Valentines Day arrived. Looks like i have a secret admirer.

Finally it was time for me to leave. Goodbye to my new friend little Tom. I am very sad to leave but looking forward to my next adventure......

Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello all Gappers! HAPPY NEW YEAR

Well, I landed in Bristol on Wednesday and was introduced to the Chappell pack.

At the moment I have just woken up from a New Year's Party held in my honour..... I will post pics and diary later today....suffice to say I had a very good time!

see you later for a full and frank blog.

Love Scarlett - Bristol Bear