Thursday, 3 April 2008

3rd April

I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends Rhidian, Ann & Louis but I found some new friends to play with! I arrived in Cirencester on the 1st April where I met Evie who gave me huge cuddles and kisses! Her younger sister Tabitha tried to eat my ears but Evies mum saved me.

We sat down after all that excitment and watched some cartoons on the television. It was nice and calm untill we had to get some other children from school they are called Jasmine and Findley apparently.

Well I went to the school and it was very busy there but its a lovely walk there and back as we walk by a river and we see lots of ducks, sheep, goats and horses. Claire was a bit annoyed with herself as the batterys on the camera stopped working just as I was talking to a horse so we didn't get pics of me feeding the ducks either. Claire said she was bringing the camera again though

What busy days we have here but this weekends going to be extra special I have been told! Apparently I am going to London on 3 different trips I can't wait! I am getting lots of bedtime hugs here as I am taking it it turns to sleep on Jasmine and Findleys beds.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Me and Chloe

Before leaving Anna's house i wanted to have my picture taken with Chloe, Chloe used to live with Elaine, the very special lady who's memory is what sent me on my travels, When Elaine passed away chloe went to stay with Anna, and is now one of 6 hounds that lives there, Chloe was very happy to cuddle up with me and share her bed and sent this picture for Lucy to see how well she is. I think i love Chloe just a little bit.

Sunday 9th March

Sunday the 9th of March

Another early start apparently today is shopping day we started with a hearty breakfast

we went searching for some nice bedding for the dogs, We met a nice man who had a bedding stall

he let me try out the bedding

we visited wendy at the PBB stall, im not heavy enough to donate apparently and too young too

we carried on shopping, but then word got around that a famous bear was in the arena and i got lots of people having their photo taken with me. here are somefirst i met marilyn and Elvis, they were lovely and so good looking

i then met Shona at top dog

we watched a bit of filming

This lovely lady came to say hi, she was called victoria, she was lovely and said she loved greyhounds.

she took me on set, can you spot me?

dont i look good on tv

I then met 3 very dishy men Dr Scott

and finally Matt and Ben, funny lots of people were screaming when i was with these people, i think im famous now.

As you can see ive had a very very busy weekend, i was so tired by sunday evening after meeting all these people. I hope i get to go again next year. Apparenlty Anna says the rest of the week will be very quiet compared to the weekend, im glad, i dont think i have the energy for more fame. I hope you enjoyed my Crufts Diary. Scarlett Bear.x.

sat 8th March

07:45am Anna and a fellow Gapper friend Jen arrived to collect me, they had cases lots of them looks like we are going on a trip. We were going on a short break to somewhere called CRUFTS, i had to admit i wasnt sure what that meant but the girls seemed excited so i was happy to go along with them. Along the way we picked up a lady called Sue who came with a case too. A stop over at Maries house and all the cases were put into her car, this apparently was the last stop before Crufts. 08:50 My seat belt was on and we were off.

11am We arrive at the hotel, the roads were really really busy, this CRUFTS thing must be big and popular, Anna took me into the hotel to check our rooms were ok and the reastaurant was booked for tea. There we were met by Liam he was nice and welcomed me to the hotel.

1145am After a short walk we arrived at CRUFTS

i got to meet Ange and had a ride in her trolley, much better than walking as its sooooo big in there and lots of dogs wanted to sniff me

we got to see lots of dogs but Anna kept me safe from them, i was tooo interesting to some dogs in there. I did meet Joe though a rescue greyhound

We went to a stall and met a really nice chap, Apparently hes a famous vet so i felt safe with him. His name was Joe Ingles.

After lots of walking we left to go back to the hotal to get ready for Tea with some other gap girls, A kind man drove us there, i think i a V.I.P

I checked us into the Hotel when we arrived back

Jo and I met the Hotels fundraising bear too

The hotel Chef came out to meet me, he said he would cook me my tea

And we wore their fundraising wig to welcome more people

i felt really silly wearing the wig but then i saw some people who looked worse than me and jo

We went downstairs for tea in the restaurant with 12 of the gap girls, i think im one of them now. Now thats more like it, Tea was a huge pizza

and a massive apple pie for desert, i felt soooooo full afterwards

Sue and jen had their piccy with me, apparently im a star

Time for bed

7th march 2008

11:51am I arrive Friday morning at Anna's house, :P Anna isnt in, her grandad needed her and she had to shoot out, typical Mr postman called with me at that exact time. Dont worry though Mr postie cared well for me over night.