Friday, 27 February 2009

Ready for Departure

I've been taking a short break from my travels for the last couple of weeks while my secretary prepares my itinerary for the year! I have lots of exciting destinations to visit over the coming months and I am getting very excited.

I've had my paws up, taking time out to watch TV and catch up with the soaps. Now I am raring to go again.

I am due to set off tomorrow to visit Hazel who has all sorts of activities lined up for me. I'm going to Crufts (eeek... I hope all those dogs won't think I'm a squeaky toy) and then I'm off to the Isle of Wight. I am very much looking forward to being a travelling bear again.

Today I have done all my washing. It was a lovely sunny day so it was all hung out to dry on the washing line. I'm not quite sure how I'll fit it all in my case but I'm sure it'll all squish in.

If you would like me to come and visit you, please contact my secretary and she'll be in touch with my availability! All the details can be found in the last entry of the blog.

Love Scarlett, Greyhound Gap's Travelling Fundraising Bear.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Story So Far

Scarlett Bear - Greyhound Gap's Official Fundraising Bear

Scarlett has been travelling the world since October 2007 to raise funds and awareness of Greyhound Gap in memory of Elaine Parkes.

Elaine sadly lost her battle against cancer at just 47 years old. Lainy had adopted both of her of her dogs from Greyhound Gap; the charity and the hounds themselves were extremely close to her heart. A very special young lady called Lucy (daughter of Elaines' best friend Heidi) wanted to do something to help raise funds in Lainy's memory so the idea of Gap's Travelling Fundraising Bear was born.

The day after we sadly lost Elaine a little 6 week old puppy crossed the path of the Greyhound Gap. Her medical needs were so great that her costs within 6 days mounted to a huge £2000. Her medical care is ongoing and will be for the rest of her life. The puppy was named Scarlett. In memory of Lainy, and also to help other special needs emergency dogs, the Elaine Parkes Memorial Fund was created so that other dogs like Scarlett can receive the necessary treatment without taking away from the other dogs needing the help that Greyhound Gap provide. It seemed fitting that Gap's Travelling Bear would also be named Scarlett.

Heidi and Lucy have been organising Scarlett's travel ever since but sadly Lucy has become poorly. Heidi has more than enough to cope with right now, so I have offered to take over Scarletts travel plans and act as her secretary. A massive thank you to Heidi and Lucy for doing everything they have done and for helping Greyhound Gap. Sending you both much love and get better soon thoughts to Lucy.

Scarlett Bear normally visits her host families for 1 or 2 weeks at a time in return for a small donation being made to Greyhound Gap which so far has usually been around £5 although for very special occasions this has sometimes been more, I have a recollection of Scarlett being caught in the middle of a bidding war!!

When Scarlett comes to stay it's nice to keep a record of her travels in this Blog (she's a very high-tech bear!) so that everyone can follow her adventures. Details of the blog will be passed on to her host family when she is on her way.

If you would like to have Scarlett come to stay with you and help raise funds for Gap, please email me ( Let me know how long you would like her to stay for and whether you have any preferred visit dates. Scarlett has quite a full diary until the end of the summer so please be aware that some flexibilty might be needed! I'll then confirm her travel arrangements with you and pass on payment details so that you can make your donation to Gap.

To make sure that Scarlett can continue her travels it is very important that she is sent on to her new destination in plenty of time. Therefore we ask that you do pass Scarlett on by the required date to avoid disappointing those waiting to entertain her. Please be aware you will need to cover her travel costs (postage!). All details, addresses, dates and blog details will be sent to you at the beginning of her visit. Scarlett Bear is staying with me before resuming her travels in March when she has a visit to Crufts to look forward to! She currently has her paws up in front of the TV and is munching on some toffee popcorn!

Thank you to all who have had Scarlett to stay and to all who have offered to have her visit over the coming months!

Enjoy your time with Scarlett!

Love Ali.xx
Scarlett Bears Secretary.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

February 09


Hi everyone i'm here again in Bolton ,the first place i went was to give blood i wasn't frightened at all & i got a drink & a couple of biscuits afterwards


This time i went to watch a video being made with BBP & Burnproof ..BBP has been on Clubland TV & the Blackout Crew Zak he's one of them who's holding me


Not a visit i was looking forward too but us bears have to have our teeth checked as well ,so here i am with the dentist Kate Duncalf & her very nice assistant ,i think theyr'e both great & made me feel at ease ..thank-you both


I went & visited a couple of oldies Teddy & Frisky they live in Flossy's attic so they don't come to any harm & they help her when she's on her computer ,we became very good friends .


Well it was to be my last day here so i had a party just a few of Flossy's Teddy's came she has about 100 of them & they live all over her house so no room for them all ..i never got bored there

& i always had loads of company ,can you see the one in the middle with me he's called Arthur he's been my boyfriend while iv'e been here .xxx that's for him .


This is me saying goodbye to Arthur as i'm driven to the post office to be sent to my next destination ..thanks to all who have made my stay fun ..i'll miss you all especially Arthur..Love from me Scarlett Bear xxxx