Sunday, 8 June 2008

Scarlett Bear meets the moorland wildlife

This is me, not really local wildlife. We planted this tree as part of reducing my carbon teddy footprint.

Every year the local Peak water buffalo herd go on a summer migration from their winter quarters on one side of the valley to the summer pastures on the other. This is only the tail end of the bunch, there is about 80 or 90 of the big beasties in the herd and they stop for nothing, certainly not a little bear so I stayed this side of the gates. Apparently the water buffalo are very good for the moorland as they do not eat all the small native plants like sheep do and they allow the beautiful meadows to flourish again.

This is a tawny owl baby, he was blown out of his nest in an old ash tree during some high winds. Fortunately, Helen's husband is a falconer so he was able to help and it was soon back up in the tree. Sadly we did not get a photo, but one of the parent owls actually brought a fish for the baby owl to eat, they brought mice for it to eat also which is more ususal.

This is Buffy barn owl, she is my favourite as she is more my size than the bigger birds of prey.

Scarlett Bear arrives in Derbyshire

I arrived back in Derbyshire for a break on the wild and wuthering moors adjacent Chatsworth. Helen picked me up from the arrivals lounge at the local post office and I was welcomed by JAG and Spyder, Helen's greyhounds.

Sadly I arrived just too late to help out at the Chatsworth Horse trials, but Helen said I could ride Mischief, one of her Shetland ponies. I found this very scary as they are all very naughty and I was glad to get off. Everytime Helen stepped back to take a better picture the ponies jumped and jinked, and I am not a rodeo bear.

I was executive bear for a week and went with Helen to work. Not sure quite what we did, or if she did anything [LOL], but it involved huge amounts of zooming up and down the motorway to various meetings at the foreign office and back.

This is me in action, fully mobile and operational agent Scarlett, with my memory stick, laptop and mobile.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Here are the pictures from my day out to the Dr Who Exhibition with Jasmine, Findley and Evie . We had a wonderful day and I was very brave as you can see!

We're here! It was a long drive but I am very excited to be here now. This is me with Jasmine and Findley at the entrance we can here the Tardis taking off somewhere...

I found K9 and had a ride Whooohoooo!!! We definately became friends!

Ahh the Face of Boe a very magnifcent fella and one of Evie's favourites (although he was very big compared to little old me).

This scary looking baddie is the Sycorax Leader and he was very scary so we didn't hang around here long and Jasmine and Findley stood well back.

Ahhhhhhhhhh a Slitheen got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I escaped this green monster and ran off quick those claws are HUGE! Theres a lot of scary baddies here!

This is more like it this is Casandra and although she talks a lot she can't really get me phew!

Look who I managed to sneak up on a Cyberman!! Shhhhhhh......he doesn't know I am here....

DALEKS!!! We ran quick before we were exterminated!!

What a fantastic day we had. We all ate strawberrys on the way home and had a lovely long sleep which I needed to get ready for my next holidy with Dawn yay!