Friday, 6 September 2013

All rather exciting!

Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles

 3rd September 2013
 Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles
The day started well with an organic breakfast of fruit and yogurt and freshly baked muffins.
At one moment in the afternoon we got lost as signposts had been ripped out and the book with the route got very complicated. Marc decided to drop down to a road they could see and found a farmer who said pretty much everyone this year had got lost at that point. He then fetched them ice cold drinks which were gratefully received

Although only climbing to 1400 feet today the ascent was pretty much all day until the last mile or so went they descended down into Knigton. The backs of their calves were burning from the climbing and feet were also suffering. Luckily for me I sat in the ruscksack and enjoyed the views.

One bright point of the day was spotting 2 pairs of red kites!

Marc said to sum today up was TOUGH! although I am feeling quite fresh.

Day 4 Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

Another blisteringly hot day with yet more steep inclines, at one point so bad that if they had tried to stand still they started to slip backwards! We were all pleased to see the half way point earlier in the day as from that point on they can say they're on the home leg LOL.


Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

5th September 2013 - Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

Best day yet and I even came out of the rucksack today! walking in much cooler temperatures, further assisted by the flattest terrain of the walk. Followed the dyke for much of the morning (although King Offa really needs to have a word with his soldiers as its fallen into ruins in places!!)
Picturesque scenery and a good speed kept us all  in good spirits
Ned got carried away during lunch time and went for a swim in the river (which turned a very mysterious colour! & apparently it was freezing, luckily for him he didn't get caught out by the strong current as neither Steve Marc or me  had any intention of going in)
A few climbs in the afternoon were easily overcome, never venturing over 1350ft
The weather turned cooler towards Trefonen and as we arrived the wind ripped up & it has just started to rain.

We will brave ourselves for whatever comes our way tomorrow! Good job Marc's Mum packed me some waterproofs!
Today I ate my healthy lunch in the shade by a river, was a bit hard to motivate the boys to get going after that! I had to remind them I need to catch an aeroplane to Australia next week.