Sunday, 11 November 2007

Meeting the pack!

Well, here I am meeting Angela's hounds Georgie and Tyler and Greyhound Gap foster, Ruby the Greyhound!

This is me with Tyler

And with Georgie

And with Ruby. I'm not sure what I did to Ruby but she was quite scared of me and no sooner had Angela taken this photograph than she got up and ran away!

I'm a bit young to remember but today is a very important day and I had my own special poppy to wear. The 11th November is the day when everyone stops to remember those who lost their lives fighting in wars for their countries. Angela told me that even though I don't remember, it's very important that young people know what sacrifices where made for us. It was very moving watching the Remembrance Service and I shall keep my poppy as a reminder.

We've had a quiet few days but tomorrow we're going back to work and hopefully we'll meet those long lost cousins of mine!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Back in Blighty!

Well here I am back in the UK after hotfooting it back from Florida. It was very exciting going on holiday, but quite tiring for a little bear, so I'm hoping for a bit of a quieter week!

I've arrived in Wimbledon to spend some time with Angela, who you might know better as Aoj, Greyhound Gap's Treasurer.

I met Angela at her office and my first day was quite busy. I had ride on one of these:

Then Angela took me into the stable yard and I was allowed to go for a ride on one of the horses. This is Voltaire and he is BIG!! He apparently measures 17.2hh which means he is more than 17 times bigger than me! That's quite scary for a little bear but I'm a brave bear and didn't mind, even though you can hardly see me sitting in the saddle!

Then I met another BIG horse. This one is called Alfie and he's being ridden by Guy, one of the eepers on Wimbledon Common.

The Keepers rides round the Commons all day making sure everyone is safe so I was quite happy with him. Guy has promised to look out for some very famous residents of Wimbledon Common so I can meet them. I don't know who they are but apparently they are sort of bears too....long lost cousins perhaps. They are very secretive though and don't come out very often so I hope they get to hear that I'm here and come out to meet me.

We're off home to meet Angela's partner Gerry and her hounds Georgie and Tyler and foster greyhound, Ruby. I have to be very careful around these three because they like me lots, too much in fact so Angela is making sure I live well out of their reach!