Monday, 17 May 2010

Holiday Time!

I have been staying with Ali and Graeme with Lucy, Meg and Murphy. We've been off to the Yorkshire Dales! It was a bit chilly so I had to wrap up warm. I was told that it was colder than normal - we even had a couple of snow showers on our walks.

When we arrived at the cottage I made friends with the bear who lives in the garden. he props the door open... and was just a bit handsome!

I helped plan the walks. I would spread out the Ordnance Survey maps, consult the weather forecast, check my compass and plan our route. We only got lost once.

Sometimes we walked high up on the moors and sometimes by rivers. We saw lots of birds, many were nesting so I was very lucky that none of them tried to pull out my fur for nest material! There was lots of ducklings on the rivers, very cute - but not as cute as me of course!

We did a stretch of the Pennine Way and also wandered along the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

My little legs are very tired from all that walking. We are home again now and I have been helping in the garden this weekend. I need to get my washing done as I'll soon be thinking of packing my bags to head off on my next adventure!