Sunday, 20 December 2009

Keeping the Nation Safe!

Hello there

For the first half of December I went to stay with Kay and Tony and their dogs, Cleo, Flint and Ali.

Tony and Kay didn't have spare holiday to take for me, so I joined in their daily life. Here I am helping Kay deal with her emails at work:

And here I am at dog club, teaching Oscar the Sit Stay:

Then I went to help Tony at work - here I go:

Here I am manning (teddying) the comms post as Guard Commander so Tony could relax:

Setting up the day's passwords:

And finally, taking charge of the Armoured Personnel Carrier (that's tank to all you civvies!

All in all a very busy week! Kay said she slept much better knowing that I was guarding the nation that night. I was pleased to help, but very glad to be moving on to my next family for a lovely Christmas break!