Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dumpledale and Flyball!!

I am sorry I have take so long to update my blog!
At the beginning on July I went to stay with Sarah, Rob and their little girl Iona. I arrived just in time to join them on their holiday to Pembrokeshire - more specifically Little Dumpledale Farm. We had a lovely time, although it was very wet, going on lots of walks on the beach and visiting local towns and attractions. I liked sitting in the window especially and watching the rain - much better than running around in it like those dogs!

We were all really tired after our days on the beach and I even got to be in charge of the dogs each evening, although sometimes I caved in and had a little nap with my friend Indy!

After a very long trip back in the car on Friday night, we had to get up very very early to go to a flyball competition on Saturday morning! The competition was at the Chiltern's show in Buckinghamshire and there was so much to see and do! I watched racing of all the divisions but thought the races in division 1 were fantastic! We also saw helicopers and ate lots of ice cream! It was such long day that I had a bit of a nap with Iona in her buggy :)

I really enjoyed my trip and am looking forward to my next adventure!!