Thursday, 7 May 2009

Scarlett becomes an Essex girl

I thought I would share some pics of my stay in Essex with Nickiy and family.I spent a couple of days settling in and then Nickiy said I was going to become an honorary member of the Royal British Legion Band Romford so I joined her son Eden who plays the cornet and boarded the coach to London.We took part in the St Georges day parade in the City of London marching through the streets of London from West Smithsfield to the Guild Hall.

I tried my hand at being a cornet player

A drummer

and a Drum Major

after a very exciting day we dropped Edens friend Sam (who plays cymbals) home and met some new friends. Sams Mum fosters for Many Tears but these are her own dogs saying hello to me.

The weather was lovely this weekend so I spent some time in the garden ,I played on the slide

and helped Shamen with the gardening

on my final day I went to school with Romany

and then was I was safely packed into my traveling case for my journey onward to my next adventure,Sprinkles a Many Tears pup has been staying with Nickiy and her family too while she awaits her forever home,she said Good bye to me and said that although she loves it here she too hopes to be moving on soon when she finds her forever home.