Monday, 13 October 2008

My Cornwall Holiday! Part Two

My Cornwall Holiday, Part Two by Scarlett Bear

Here is the 2nd week diary of my stay with Ali, Graeme, Lucy, Meg and Murphy while on holiday in North Cornwall. See here for part one.

On Sunday, Ali’s Mum and Dad went home after a late breakfast. It felt a bit odd after they’d gone, but they’d only planned to stay a few days. The weather was still a bit damp and grey but we went off to Tregardock Beach in the afternoon to catch the low tide. It’s a steep climb down to the beach which is only accessible at low tide. A steep climb down inevitably means a steep climb back up! We drove home over the moors; the stream we’d paddled in last week was flooded after yesterdays downpours!! I think we all slept well that night.

Monday saw us doing one of A&G’s favourite walks, I think it was my favourite too! We walked from Constantine Bay golf course to Haryln Bay, then around Trevose Head past the lighthouse then along the back of Bobbys Bay, across Constantine Bay and back to the start. Harlyn Bay is lovely, the tide was out and there was lots of lovely sand. The dogs ran about like mad things and I paddled in the waves, it was a lovely warm day (when the sun shone)! Here I am with a little bit of Harlyn Bay behind me.

The sands of Constantine Bay

It poured ready hard on Tuesday morning so we all had a very lazy morning, lunchtime and early afternoon! The horrible rain started to clear so we headed off to the favourite beach of all at Daymer Bay. The tide was on it’s way out so there was so much sand I could hardly see the sea. At Rock we got on the ferry again over to Padstow for much fudge supplies and some crumpets. While there I did a spot of sightseeing across the estuary through a special telescope. As my legs were too short, Graeme had to give me a helping hand. There was lots to see. When we got home we had crumpets and jam. Yummy!

On Wednesday we went to a place called Rough Tor (pronounced Rowter). Rough Tor is one of the 2 highest peaks in Cornwall, the highest is called Brown Willy. Apparently a Tor is a big pile of big rocks! We parked at the National Trust car park and walked up the hill to a smaller pile of rocks to the left called Showery Tor we then walked (or at least I hitched in the rucksack as normal) across the ridge to Rough Tor. We scrambled about the rocks for a while and sit by the memorial while we had a picnic:

Rough Tor on which this memorial is placed has been given to the nation in memory of those who lost their lives while serving in the 43rd (Wessex) Division in the North-West European Campaign 1944/45.

Here I am with Rough Tor behind me.

Thursday was a lovely sunny day but a little bit nippy and windy on the cliffs! We walked around Rumps Point which is a funny shaped bit of coast line that is described as buttocks! We stopped for a photo call at Pentire Point before heading down towards Polzeath.

On our last day (sniff) we walked from Crackington Haven along the valley to a stiff climb up the hill. It’s much easier being in the rucksack than walking, I don’t think my little bear legs would have made it up the hill! The walk back along the coast path was great fun and a bit of a scramble in places. We saw 3 seals! It took me ages to spot them as they kept bobbing out of sight. Here I am on the coast path just before reaching Crackington Haven – this is were we stopped and watched the seals for a while.

And here is me with the Haven behind me. There were lots of surfers just getting ready to go into the sea here. We watched for a while, but I preferred the seals.

On our last evening in Cornwall Ali and Graeme gave me a badge to remember my holiday.

We had a final walk on the moor on Saturday morning before heading home. A&G seemed a but sad to be leaving. Although I’d had a lovely time I didn’t mind leaving because I am a travelling bear and travelling is what I do! When I got home I was soon to be off on my next journey!!

Thank you for letting me share your holiday Ali, Graeme, Lucy, Meg and Murphy - hope to see you again!

My Cornwall Holiday! Part One.

My Cornwall Holiday - Part One, by Scarlett Bear

I recently went to stay in Mid Sussex with 3 black dogs called Lucy, Meg and Murphy. I was safely delivered by a very smiley and friendly postie.

Lucky for me they were about to go on their holidays so no sooner than I arrived we were off again to sunny Cornwall the very next day. After a good nights rest, my little bag was packed and off we went. I sat in the front of the car all the way there and helped my human hosts (Ali and Graeme) with their route finding. I was very excited but managed to contain myself! We arrived at our destination, unloaded the car, then went for a walk and a leg stretch after the long drive before settling ourselves in properly. I had my pick of the bedrooms, but decided that the sock drawer (strangely) was the most comfy of places!
On Sunday it was very warm and sunny we walked across Bodmin Moor to a pub where Lucy, Meg and Murphy shared a bowl of water, Ali and Graeme had beer and I had an orange juice. I was very hot after all that walking. On the way back we took a little rest amongst the moorland ponies and had a paddle in the stream.

Monday was another fine and bright day. We headed off to Daymer Bay where we walked to Rock and then got the ferry over the water to Padstow. After shopping for fudge and a pasty we climbed the hill to the monument and looked out over the estuary. Murphy was feeling a bit sleepy so had a bit of a lie down.

It was a little damp the following day and a little cooler so I wore my jumper. We went to Cardinham Woods where we walked amongst the trees and missed the worst of the showers. Ali’s Mum and Dad arrived in the afternoon for a few days. They are nice and tickled my ears and shook my paw when we met.

On Wednesday we drove to Widemouth Bay, parking a little way up the hill. We headed in land towards the canal leading to Bude. Unfortunately the canal path was closed but there was an alternative route so we took that instead. For all of our walks I was carried as a passenger in the top of the rucksack. When I climbed into the rucksack today I got a bit muddled and ended upside down!!

At Bude we stopped for ice cream and I posed on a handy anchor. We walked along the coast path at the top of the cliffs back to Widemouth Bay. Ali somehow managed to slip in sheep do-do and got it all over her trousers, very stinky! The walk along the cliffs was a bit windy but I was firmly secured to the rucksack so kept nice and safe. You should have seen my fur when we got back, it was all sticking up!!

Thursday was a sunny chilly day. We went to a place called The Minions which is on the moors. Near to the Minions is a big pile of stones and rocks – at the top it’s called Cheesewring. Not sure why but never mind! It was a lovely day and we had lots of fun scrambling over the rocks. It was cold though so I wore my jumper and Ali made me a woolly hat from a sock from the dogs first aid kit. Personally I think it’s wasted on the dogs as it made a fine hat keeping my ears very toasty.

Friday saw us heading round the headland at Stepper Point, nr Padstow. We parked up at Lelizzick, walked around the headland then dropped down onto the beach at Hawkers Cove where Lucy Meg and Murphy had a blast on the sands. It was very blowy on the headland, our eyes were streaming (and my fur got very ruffled again)! We sheltered behind the daymark for a photo call.

It poured hard on Saturday, all day. We’d decided on a walk from Boscastle the previous evening and not to be defeated by poor weather we stuck to our plans. On arrival we discovered it was Food Festival weekend and were directed to a park and ride up on the hill. Luckily the little bus was happy to take hounds and bears so we headed back down the valley to start our walk. The beginning wasn’t too wet as we were fairly sheltered but as we climbed up and out of the dip it was very wet indeed. A group decision was made to miss out the cliff section of our walk and we headed onto the village centre. A small detour down tp harbour in the driving rain was well rewarded with sights of seals bobbing about in the surf. I’d not packed a rain mac so Ali fashioned me a waterproof coat from a sandwich bag tied on with string – it kept me perfectly dry! A must for every bears wardrobe.

So that was the first week on my Cornwall Holiday!

Part Two coming up!