Sunday, 4 May 2008

On my final day with Dawn and her family she took me into work with her. She works with computers I think and took me into a room she called the server room. I had to sit here for a while whilst she got on with things. Then she showed me all the wires at the back where everything was plugged in - it all looked like a bit of a mess to me.
This was my favoutite bit though - there were so many wires here it was possible for a small bear to climb right across swinging on all the wires - great fun! Dawn said I was not meant to be doing that though so I had to stop.
After my fun at work it was time for me to travel on to my next destination.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

One of the days I most enjoyed was going to a flyball session. Dawn said it would be very hard work for a small bear so we stopped at MacDonalds on the way and I had some chips. It was a bit naughty but it was very hard work so I think I deserved them.
First of all Lady showed me the flyball box and how it worked.
Then I loaded it up with a tennis ball and the dogs were able to start running. It was quite hard reaching down to put a new ball in the hole without falling down the front of the box.
Here are a few Bears eye view of flyball pictures - the dogs were running really fast. The dogs all knew what they were doing and all just fetched the tennis ball thankfully. They look a bit fierce in some of the pictures but were really just concentrating on getting the ball.

Well - I have been a busy bear since I last updated my travel diary. I arrived in Coventry and went for a walk round the City Centre. They have a special clock where a lady on a horse called Lady Godiva comes out and I had my picture taken in front of her.
We also went for a look round the Cathedral - there was a lovely big sculpture on the wall and I had my picture taken with this too. It was quite a cold, wet day that day so I put my rain coat on so I would not get wet. I think it rather suited me don't you think. On a slightly dryer day we went to a local market near an airfield and saw a big plane called a Vulcan bomber. I think I look nicer than a silly plane though!!
Once we got back home I was happy to meet up with a couple of pals for a bit of a gossip and chuckle.
I helped the family who were knitting some toy mice. I helped make some of them and I really liked this one. Dawn said its colour was similar to my name.

I also met Lady and had my photo taken with her...
.... and of course Gnasher - we were sharing a joke on this photo. He said he was quite happy to share his bed with me which was very nice.