Sunday, 24 February 2008

18th - 19th Feb - Chattanooga

Wow, what can I say about Chattanooga, its cool. We went to the Tennessee Aquarium, thats a very very big place. Here's me on a SeaHorse.

Took a long walk round it, and saw lots of fish and things.

The best thing though was seeing the Chattanooga Choo Choo (and no we didnt sing, would have been quite good singing though).

Here's one from the other side that proves what train this is :)

I am a very tired bear after all this travelling, I hope wherever I go next I get a rest!

13th February 2008 Sea World

Look! Look, I saw a very very big thing apparently its called "Shamu" and is a killer whale, so that could be scary, but he is contained. However, there was this version I was able to sit on :)

This was full of Dolphins, Sealions etc. Wasnt a lot of places a bear felt safe so I took refuge in the carers bag for the duration..

12th Feb 2008 Cypress Gardens

This is such a cool place, lots of little kiddie rides that small bears can go on :)

We found a great place here to eat. It was all you can eat, being a little bear, I didnt eat that much really, good job they didnt charge me for it.

The children really had a great time here, we got 2 days here for the price of 1.

Green Meadows Petting Farm

This is a great place, lots of different animals to see and some you can stroke.

Here's me sitting in the only really safe place for a little bear at the Farm.

Horse World Kissimmee

This was quite a dangerous place for a small bear! It had lots and lots of great big things with legs, apparently they are "horses" I did get a ride on one though. We passed a "petting" farm on the way back to the hotel, went there the next day.

10th February 2008 - Old Town

Well, this was new to me. My carers for these 2 weeks went to America, so I thought I may be seeing Mickey Mouse again, but no we did lots of amazing things I never knew exsisted in Orlando. Here is me sitting on a ride in Old Town, it was called the Frog hopper and it was great fun.

Old Town was great overall its something none of us had ever been to before and was well worth it. As you can see, I was far too small for a lot of the rides :(, those I went on I really did enjoy muchly.

I did meet up with an old friend from Disney in Old Town though. Which was lovely to see him again LOL.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Scarlett in the Peak District

Ahhhhhhhh. After my hectic week in London, I've been having a relaxing stay at Tideswell in the beautiful Peak District with Jazz, Holly and Monty. What a life they have - with loads of lovely fields to run in and hills to climb. Not sure I'm too keen on this white stuff on the ground that they've had this week, mind!

They certainly made me feel welcome....but Carrie was careful to keep me away from Mr Monty the pup who seemed dead set on nibbling my toes.

Carrie showed me around K9Knitters HQ - here I am amongst a HUGE stash of wool that is used to make coats to sell to help raise funds for rescue dogs. I wondered if I should ask her to knit me a coat - as this teeshirt is hardly the right attire for a bear in the snow!

I got a bit worried this morning that I was going to meet some farm animals, as Carrie kept talking about cleaning out the Old Piggery. I've never met a pig before - and I was scared I might fall into a trough of swill (or worse) as she cleaned out the pigs. However, I had a quick scout around and can confirm that there are no pigs in Carrie's garden, thankfully.

The Old Piggery is a cottage that people come and stay at for their holidays. It's far too luxurious for pigs! Most people who stay also bring their dogs - who must have a ball! Here I am investigating the old feeding troughs that are built into the cottage:

In the garden of the cottage, there is a spring - that apparently used to feed a well further down the hill where villagers used to get their water. (Tides - well.....geddit?). On a summer's day, it would be lovely for a bear to laze around here in the shade - but it was too cold on my bum on a freezing February morning!

I spent some time taking in the view. You can see over the hills towards Millers Dale one way.....and then into the village the other way.

The next guests are due to arrive this afternoon for their week at the Old Piggery. So I decided to take up position on the gate to keep an eye out for them. As a travelling bear who has seen so many places now, I want to compare my travellers tales with them!!

More updates soon!

Lots of love from chilly Tideswell,
Scarlett xxxx