Thursday, 5 November 2009

Scarletts capers in Cornwall !

I have been having a wonderful time on holiday at The Lizard in Cornwall, with my new host family - Mark, Louise and Jessica. Josh, their greyhound stayed at home, but I did get to say hi before we set off. I didn't see any lizards but I did see an awful lot of fog, and a lot of sea !! Here I am enjoying the fire, and the halloween pumpkin that Jess and I carved (well I watched !)- I was very toasty by the fire, but had to move after a while as I didn't want to singe my fur!

Jessica took me to see some seals at the Gweek Seal Sanctuary - they are very good at swimming underwater, and I think this one took a particular fancy to me !!

One of the days we walked ( I rode in the rucksack !) down to Kennack Sands, and met these shetland ponies - the sign said they were wild, but they seemed very eager to say hello and to eat Louise's coat !! I kept well out of the way, and then posed for my photo from a distance !!

Doesn't this man look funny!! He was in the Falmouth Marine Museum and looked like he needed a cuddle from a teddy like me !!

Louise is going to put me back in my box now, as I'm off on my travels again and don't want to be caught up in any postal strikes !! x x x